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Defining the Times: Barack Obama

Defining The Times: The Historic Journey of the first African American President through the eyes of a
Colorado photographer is an extraordinary collection of speeches and photographs that define the time
in America when Barack Obama became President. Patricia Duncan, author, follows this unforgettable
journey beginning in Denver 2006 through President Obama’s election and re-election.

Duncan’s perspective and collection are unique in that all of President Obama’s speeches presented in
Colorado are included and these never-before- seen photos are a stunning reflection of the emotions of
his audience. President Obama was a gifted speaker. His speeches touched the heart and soul of the
American people as is reflected in their faces as he includes them in his vision and determination to
create an America that builds the middle class, strengthens the economy, makes healthcare accessible
to all Americans, improves education and increases jobs.

Each speech takes the audience/reader on a journey that depicts understandable lessons in the
economy, history, cultural and technological status of America (Defining the times); where we were,
where we are and his vision for where we can go. His messages were always encouraging and his style,
gracious. President Obama always thanked the American people for their role in this journey. He gave
them credit for the advances made during his tenure as President. And he often shared stories that
described the challenging situations many Americans wrote about in letters, which he read daily. In
spite of cultural differences, he always delivered words to unify and assure us that we are all Americans
and we all want the same basic things—a better America for our children.

Duncan included in this masterpiece, in addition to speeches and pictures, useful facts about special
venues and also a list of President Obama’s accomplishments while in office. This is the kind of treasure
you want to grace your living room coffee table and is the kind of document that defines the time in
America when Barack Obama became the first African American president.

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