Patricia (Pat) Duncan was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and impresses everyone from childhood friends to business associates, with her passion and commitment to her dreams.  Her first dream to be fulfilled was becoming a flight attendant with  Braniff International Airways, for six wonderful years.  When Braniff closed their gates in 1982, she went on to pursue and fulfill other dreams.  These included careers with United States Football League (USFL), Bill Picket Invitational Rodeo (BPIR), Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rockies and Federal Express.

As Pat pursued these careers, it became evident that she also had a passion for event planning, hosting and organizing numerous events for family, friends and local community organizations.  This led Pat to form her own company, IJABA Event Planning, Inc. in 2001. “IJABA” means A Wish Fulfilled.  Serving as Chief Executive Officer and President of IJABA, establishing her own company was truly a “wish fulfilled”!  As most entrepreneurs are aware, the establishment of a new business is a daunting task.  Pat embraced the advice of her deceased sister, twice elected, The Honorable Vikki Buckley, Colorado’s first African American Secretary of State: “If you have a dream and a goal, you must go after it! Stay focused; accept the good with the bad.  You may get knocked back two steps before you can take one step forward, but don’t quit!  If you work hard and keep God first in your life, you will persevere”.

Patricia wanted to start documenting her events and she decided to purchase a digital camera.  She took her camera with her to every event.  It wasn’t long before she realized she had a passion for and others noticed she had a talent for photography.  Having a mentor with her every step of the way, she moved from the ranks of being an amateur photographer to an award winning professional photographer.  She became a contributing photographer for three major Denver Black newspapers:  The Denver Weekly News; The Urban Spectrum; and The African American Voice.  After many hours of thought, Pat realized she could use these skills and opportunities to create a historical document featuring the first African American President, President Barack Obama.

It took three years of starting, stopping and procrastinating before Pat finally completed this project, a book on the historic journey of the first African American President, A Defining Moment-Barack Obama-The Historic Journey to 1600  Pennsylvania Avenue.  A Defining Moment was nominated for the 43rd NAACP Image Awards in the category of Outstanding Literary Works of a Debut Author in 2012.  After traveling many roads and meeting hundreds of people, A Defining Moment has a permanent home in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC (2013).  The book sold out in 2013 and was taken out of print.

Her second book, Defining the Times: The Historic Journey of the first African American President through the eyes of a Colorado photographer was a natural progression after completing her first, A Defining Moment.  This second book promises to become a treasured document reflecting the journey of the first African American President to the White House.

Patricia and her husband Kevin live in Denver, CO and have two adult daughters.